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JIMS Harley Handcrafted Engine Covers

Friday, March 30th, 2012

528274_10150676431889647_337270619646_9250796_1890242433_n.jpgJIMS® new Handcrafted Welded Covers have the same precision machined quality you would expect from JIMS, but are now available in our brand new RawCut & Welded design. These covers are plated with a bright dip, anodized finish and will update your bike to a tough new handcrafted look.

JIMS® Handcrafted Welded Covers all feature a clean, precision cut fin pack design to aid in cooling and add to the rugged, handcrafted feel. Every cover displays custom, hand-made welds that help create the RawCut look we were after.

Applications vary, for more information please visit us at or call 805-482-6913.

JIMS 135 CI Twin Cam Race Engine

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

2012-jims-harley-135-twin-camr-race-engine.jpgHarley-Davidson Race V-Twin

JIMS has released of a 135 CI Twin Cam Race Engine for Harley-Davidson models (99-present Touring and Dyna, 91-99 EVO models).

Based on the proven track record of JIMS race engines, proud to introduce this 2.2-liter monster which bolts right into a stock frame and incorporates some of the best high performance features in the industry.

Specially designed ‘thick wall’ Engine Cases & Timken bearings, Larger Cylinders with increased fin pack for better cooling, Increased Press & Race Welded Flywheels, Billet Cam Plate with High Flow Oil Pump, Forged Rocker Support Plate with Roller Rocker Arms, ARP Cylinder Studs and Case Bolts and much more.

Built around a 4-5/16″ Bore x 4-5/8″ Stroke, these engines can conservatively produce 136 horsepower and 135 ft. lbs of torque with proper intake, exhaust and tuning. Many of JIMS race engines are actually producing much more power with customer modifications.

The JIMS 135″ Twin Cam Race Engine is available in Black or Silver and fits all Touring and Dyna models ‘99-Present and Evo models ‘91-’99. JIMS Race Engines are not street legal and are available exclusively through Authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships.

For more information please visit, call 805-482-6913, or Like JIMS on Facebook.

STD heads back in production

Friday, June 17th, 2011

15953-heads-l.jpgSpyke, following its acquisition of the assets of STD, which includes intellectual property, inventory, machinery, tooling and molds, has re-located the business to Downey, California.

With the move of STD’s business now complete, Spyke has begun production of STD’s Panhead and Shovelhead cylinder heads and STD Replica cylinder heads. The initial release of Pan and Shovel Heads and Replica heads are available as raw castings, fully machined castings, and fully assembled heads with various upgrades to valves, springs and cylinder head porting.

The heads are available with the spigot type or three-bolt exhaust ports, inside or outside oiling and are supplied to match the purchaser’s cylinder bore requirements. Show quality polished finish in the ports, chambers and outer surfaces is also an option.

STD engine cases and inner primaries are undergoing a final design review at Spyke prior to being put into production, and are set to be followed by heads, engine cases and primary components for Evo type engines.

Downey, California, USA
Tel: 562 803 1700
Fax: 562 803 0378


Sumax works with S&S on engine finishes

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

 SUMAX15908-eng2-l.jpg is now working with S&S Cycle to offer a new finish on a choice of three of the company’s engines.

The company is now able to offer two versions of the new S&S T111 for ’99-’06 Harley-Davidson Big Twin applications. The first version is called ‘Black and Chrome’ and begins with Sumax de-burring the motor cases in preparation for a high gloss black finish. The heads and cylinder fins are polished along with the S&S logo for a contrast against the black finish. Then the oil pump, cover, lifter blocks and intake manifold are also powder-coated. Additionally, chrome rockers, pushrod covers, intake and nose cone are powder-coated.

15908-eng3-l.jpgThe second version, ‘Candy Red Monochromatic’, sees the cases, heads and cylinders de-burred and polished prior to the powder-coating, with a silver metallic base coat followed by a candy red top coat.

The final engine in the range is the S&S KN-Series, which resembles a stock knucklehead. With this model Sumax powder-coats the fins a silver that contrasts against the Solar flat black powder coat. The same effect is then done with the kidney nose cone cover. Silver coated rocker bolts and the S&S logo on the air cleaner cover add more contrast.

Oriskany, New York, USA

Feuling complete camchest kits

Friday, January 7th, 2011

15881-camchest-l.jpgFEULING now has complete camchest kits available, which it says takes the guesswork out of the ordering process and guarantees engine builders maximum reliability, peak performance and the coolest engine and oil temperatures obtainable.
Each Feuling camchest kit includes a high volume oil pump, high flow camplate, Reaper series camshafts, hydraulic roller lifters, fast install pushrods, Timken bearings, gaskets, O-rings and ARP hardware.

The camchest kits are available in Feuling HP+ and Race Series combinations and with gear drive or chain drive camshafts.

Mojave, California, USA
Tel: 619 917 6222
Fax: 760 487 1545

Rivera Primo relaunches ART

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

190510amd.jpgRIVERA Primo is re-establishing ART as a brand synonymous with performance motorcycle parts with the introduction of its new hydraulic transmission end cover.

The new ART polished billet aluminum cover has been designed for use on four-speed transmissions with a hydraulic clutch and a kick start. The 6061 aluminum piece requires the use of a 5/8in master cylinder.

Whittier, California, USA
Tel: 562 907 2600
Fax: 562 907 2606


Demon’s Cycle Introduces Their New Custom Bike Engine; The 114ci is Smooth and Reliable

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Demon’s Cycle, the Florida based custom motorcycle company, are pleased to announce the arrival of their new custom motorcycle engine, the 114ci. Working in partnership with Ultima, the popular manufacturer of high performance custom motors, Demon’s Cycles have worked to build an engine with less piston speed and so less wear on the cylinder walls and pistons skirts. This new lower piston speed will make the engine more reliable than other engines which run at higher speeds.

Demon’s Cycle are expert custom bike builder and they had used an engine from Ultima called the 113ci. But they also saw ways to improve it. Demon’s Cycle entered into partnership with Ultima and re-engineered the 113ci to make the new 2009 Demon’s 114ci motor.

“We have finally achieved what no one else has” said Tom Steinbacher, of Demon’s Cycles. “We have created a high performance engine that is reliable and will give our customers the dependability they seek.”

Custom bike building is all about engineering, and the engineering and innovation in the 114ci is up to Demon’s normal high standards. Compared to the 113ci 4 1/2 inch stroke and a 4 inch bore. Demon’s 114ci has a 4 inch stroke and 4 1/4 inch bore. This reduces the piston speed. This reduction in piston speed results in less wear on the cylinder walls and piston skirts. This makes it possibly the most reliable engine available today.

Demon’s 114ci increases the rod ratio (rod length divided by stroke) and so lessens the side load on the cylinder walls, reducing friction, heat, and allowing a much more free revving motor. By utilizing the MWM 248 cam Demon’s Cycle were able to retain the great torque characteristics down low and with the increased cylinder fill provided by the increased rod ratio, the Demon’s 114ci will still pull very hard on the top end.

Another advantage of the shorter stroke is that the Demon’s 114ci is smoother than the 113ci. By using a 4 1/4 inch bore engine family, the Demon’s 114ci has a stronger 3 piece crankshaft along with stronger rods. After all this re-engineering Demon’s Cycle are selling the 114ci for the same price as the 113c but with special air cleaner, better rocker boxes and a thicker head gasket for more reliability and dependability. The 114ci is available exclusively from Demon’s Cycle and comes in high polished, natural and black finish.

About Demon’s Cycle
Demon’s Cycle specialize in the sale of custom parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They offer a wide range of parts from engines to LED turn signals. Demon’s Cycle was started over fifteen years ago by Tom Steinbacher and has a reputation as a pioneer of radical motorcycle designs, euro style bikes and custom chopper concepts. Headquartered in South Florida, Demon’s Cycle is an international custom motorcycle wholesale company.

Demon’s Cycle Inc.
378 SW 14th Ave.
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Telephone: 954-943-0000
Fax: 954-943-0377

Crane Cams closes

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

It has been reported that that Crane Cams’ Daytona Beach factory has been closed down and the employees of the company laid off.

Unconfirmed reports claim that workers at the plant had been told to expect some lay-offs, but that there had been no mention of the complete closure of the facility.

Founded in 1953, Crane became employee-owned in 1979 and was acquired in 2005 by Mikronite Technologies Group, a New Jersey based industrial technology firm that had previously worked with the cam manufacturer.

It is reported that, two years into their ownership cycle, Mikronite sold the primary property on which the Crane facility was located in Daytona to STAG Capital Partners.

It is believed that a 10-year lease was then taken to keep Crane’s manufacturing facility on the site, and that in making that deal it is thought that Mikronite were able to recoup a substantial proportion of the initial outlay they made to acquire Crane.

Always primarily an automotive performance product manufacturer, from the 1980’s Crane enjoyed nearly two decades in which it was also one of the market leaders for cam and related performance upgrades for the Harley-Davidson aftermarket.

It is believed that some efforts are being made to rescue the brand and parts of the product range, but if they fail this could mark the end of the road for an icon of American performance and a business which, as recently as two years ago, employed some 200 or so people.

S&S Cycle denies troubled rumors

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

January 28th, 2009

A struggling economy and some careful corporate financial planning have apparently led to rumors swirling around one of the more famous motorcycle engine manufacturers.

S&S Cycle released a press release to address any rumors that may have started with the auctioning of several pieces of manufacturing equipment.

‘Like other companies in the manufacturing industry, S&S has conducted layoffs, and is selling excess equipment. “These are appropriate measures that we took in response to the slowing economy” says CEO George Smith. Smith went on to say “people may not be aware of this, but while we are clearing out some of our machinery, we are also investing in new machines, and increasing our efficiency and overall capability.”

Although slowing sales are a factor, some of the machines being sold have already been replaced in production by a new manufacturing cell that was made fully operational just last summer. This system allows for the consolidation of machining centers and results in greater efficiency. A redesign of the plant layout is also being implemented to increase the flexibility and scope of S&S’s manufacturing capacity.

S&S is about to launch an aggressive and dynamic marketing program which will start with a dual presence at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio. S&S will be showing performance enhancement products under the S&S name as well as vintage engines and parts under their recently acquired Flathead Power™ brand. The following week at the Dealer Expo 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana, S&S will debut a new line of off-road performance products and parts for metric cruisers.’

Director of Business Development and Sales, Michael Scaletta adds confidence with, “We are introducing great new products and are even expanding into new markets. S&S has been here for over 50 years, and we are in it for the long haul.”

Melling ‘Atlantean’ Range

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

atlantean.jpgHere’s another engine from the Melling range – possibly something a little usable for custom bike building…..

Capacity                          1800cc               2000cc                  2500cc
Bore x Stroke (mm)     101.5 x 111.1     107.5 x 111.1        118.5 x 111.1
No Of Cylinders              2                        2                             2
V Angle                            45°                    45°                         45°
Valves/ Cylinder             2                        2                            2
Spark Plugs/Cylinder Head     2              2                            2
No. of Camshafts             1                         1                            1
Power                                106bhp             118bhp                 144bhp
Torque                              111ft/lbs           124ft/lbs              152ft/lbs


Cylinder Heads: Machined from solid billet utilising High Tensile Aluminium Alloy, with unique Valve Seat insert/Valve guides for accurate valve control.

Cylinders: Cylinder Jackets Machined from High Tensile Aluminium Alloy, utilising bespoke ground Steel liners.

Crankcases: Machined from solid Aluminium Alloy designed with special Main Bearing Housings for higher load capability.

Pistons: Forged and fitted with High Performance Piston Rings.

Pushrods: Adjustable for accurate valve clearance and control.

Valves: Made from High Temperature Steel and fitted with High Performance Valve Springs.

Cooling: Air

Oil Scavenge Pump: Gear Pinion Type

Oil Feed Pump: Gear Pinion Type

Fuel System: Mikuni 42mm Carburettor

Cam Followers: Hydraulic
For more details about the ‘Atlantean’ Range please contact J Banks Engines.